TankLegend1 game release!(ios app)

The iJoy Workshop is proud to bring you TankLegend1!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a great general like those who graduate from West Point? This
game is designed for you to realize your dream. You should take full advantage of your deft hand,
sharp eyesight and wise brain to direct the tank battle against enemies. By your outstanding
talent, we believe you would create great legend of tank battle.

Key Features:
* The difficult of each battle increases gradually by play level.
* You would enjoy up to TWENTY different tank battles for FREE as long as you believe your talent.
* Wether male or female, and wether adult or child, you would feel Tank’s Legend worth playing.

Have a try and enjoy it!

Download Here

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Funny Link-up release! (Android platform)

In Funny Link-up, you need to find two same head portrait, connecting them to generate a matched connection. You would earn some score and play time each time you find a pair of head portrait.At the process of playing game, remaining time would decrease second by second. If in the last second, you do not find all pairs of head portrait, you unfortunately lose the game. Else you win and can continue to next level of game.

So you compete with time to win the game.

1: As game level becoming higher and higher, you would find it more and more challenging and exciting.
2: Funny Link-up provides two game mode: normal mode and adventure mode. That means in later, you would enjoy very challenging and exciting experience.


Download Here

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Little Bear, a casual game, released! (Windows platform)

This is a casual game. It provides four scenes for you to experience different pleasure and adventure. You need to control a little bear to jump and move to eat its food. Try your best to overcome different challenge and obstacle to make little bear eat all its food.

Use the arrow keys to move left or right. Use the space key to jump. The height depends on the duration of press.


Good luck and enjoy the game!

Download Here

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